4 Sweet & Savory Breakfast Toasts

I'd like to make a toast to one of my favorite breakfast items - toast. Whether it's soaked in egg yolk or topped with colorful fruit, nothing beats the texture & taste of crunchy bread. It's no wonder the West Coast bent the proverbial knee to the all mighty avocado toast, adding the food item onto almost every breakfast menu along the Pacific coast.

Today I'm sharing a couple of my own favorite renditions, as well two sweet, fruity toasts. In my opinion, fatty, savory toasts are best for breakfast, while higher carb, sweet toasts are optimal pre and post workout. But some mornings I like to select one from each and make a combo!


Which bread do you choose? Whole grain, gluten free, sourdough, cinnamon raisin, etc. - it's whichever works best for you and your dietary needs! For these pictures I used a popular brand around my gym: Dave's Killer Bread (Powerseed to be exact). These loaves pack a good amount of protein & fiber in each slice and can be found in most grocery stores. 

Classic Avocado & Fried Egg Toast


Create an avocado base and layer with a fried egg. Top with pepper and sea salt.

Almond, Banana & Cinnamon Toast


My favorite pre workout snack for AM sessions. Slather on an almond butter base (I used the creamy almond butter from Trader Joe's) and layer with half a banana. Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg & coconut. 

Avocado & Pepper Mango Toast


Bear with me as I learn to cut mangoes in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Pepper flakes on fruit? I learned about this unlikely, awesome combo a little over a year ago. Create an avocado base, layer with mango slices and sprinkle on the flakes. Great for those who like to add some spice to their food.

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly Toast


Love jelly but hate all the added sugars? An easy way I like to make jam at home is to microwave a handful of frozen berries for 30-45 seconds. After less than a minute they'll be soft enough to be squished and smeared across your toast!

Here I started with my homemade strawberry jam base, drizzled on some peanut butter (this time I used PB2 powder - I added extra water to facilitate that same nut butter taste, but with less actual product) and finished with coconut. 


Let me know if you try any of these out! Us basic toast worshippers have to stick together. 

Happy Eating,