Valentine's Day 2018: 4 Ways to Show [Yourself] More Love

Valentine's Day 2018: 4 Ways to Show [Yourself] More Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This holiday is always a happy reminder to stay kind in our relationships and offer aid to those in need. But this year, I’m challenging myself (and you!) to also show ourselves some love. It's so important to give back, but we won't be much help if we pour from an empty cup. This February, set aside some energy to gift yourself w/ one or more of these ideas! 


1. Take a Social Media Timeout.

Technology is amazing, but as we all know, it can suck the life out of us too. Too often does social media lead to negativity in our lives, whether its a comment fight on Facebook, a stressful piece of fake news on Twitter or a bad case of comparison-itis on Instagram. Show yourself some love/respect this month and turn. it. off. It can be for one hour or one whole day. Lock your phone in a drawer or have your friend hide it - whatever it takes. Spend that extra time getting outside, chatting with people face-to-face or in simple solitude. Your sanity will thank you for it.

2. Learn a New Recipe, Skill or Subject.

I feel my happiest when I feel progression in my life, whether that's growth in my career, my relationships, my education, etc. This Valentine's Day, I challenge you to negate stagnation and learn a new recipe, skill or subject. It can be empowering (if you master it quick) or motivating and exciting (if you have a long way to go). Either way, you’re building a more versatile, more knowledgeable version of yourself, and that’s pretty badass.

3. Lift, Run, Jump - Get Sweaty.

I don't mean a light workout in clothes that are still wearable the next day. I mean "water dripping down your face, limbs reduced to jello" sweaty. Crossfitter (and badass Amazon from the Wonder Woman movie) Brooke Ence once described the feeling of being drenched in sweat post-workout as "being baptized by the fitness gods". Damn, that's cool. And who doesn't love the well-earned endorphin high afterwards? Try an at-home HIIT routine, take a friend to spin or sign up for a local 5k/mud run. Exercise keeps your body agile, healthy & happy - what a perfect love letter to write to yourself this Valentine's Day.

4. Ask Yourself: What Makes You Great?

This final suggestion is pretty personal... and kinda sappy. But humor me! Pull out a sheet of paper and make a list of the top 5-10 qualities/super powers you possess that make you a man/woman of greatness. Are you resilient? A hard worker? A natural comic? Reflect and be honest – no one else is going to see this! This activity serves as a reminder that you are an incredible individual with so much to offer! As human beings, it's easy to belittle or doubt ourselves daily. Reminding yourself of your strengths will not only boost your confidence, but also provide you with a spark of positivity that you can then pass on to others.

Let me know if you try any of these out - or if you have your own self love rituals! I hope everyone has a warm & fuzzy Valentine's Day! I'll be here playing the new Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack on repeat. No shame.