Welcome! My name is Delancey Prince and I'm a 24-year-old college grad (B.A. in Medical PR & Nutrition)(University of Southern California ‘17), continuing my education in sunny Las Vegas in pursuit of my registered dietitian's license. I'm a student, PR consultant, freelance writer & student intern for the Cleveland Clinic. If lost I'm most likely to be found oo-ing + ahh-ing over makeup in Sephora, recklessly spending money at Barnes & Noble or sporting a ginormous top-knot on my head in the nearest CrossFit gym. 

My love for health began when I was diagnosed with [Crohn's Disease] during my freshman year of undergrad (July 2014). For a long time I was so embarassed (I first heard about the disease in the form of a joke). But over the years I've made great strides in embracing my story, and love who I am today because of it! Through this platform, I hope to educate, empower and inspire others who may be struggling (either with chronic illness or starting their fitness journeys) to thrive in their situations as well. After all, our well-beings are the greatest investments we can make.



Although I am in the process of earning my RD license, the content of this website is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek guidance and the final word from a practicing professional. This is a place to share my personal experience and anecdotal advice.


Delancey Prince

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